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Customer Success Rep


Customer Success Representative

The customer success rep (CSR) will be a junior role developed to help Finaeo maintain excellent, high-level standards for our customers. The CSR is measured on three key metrics:

i. Reducing customer churn rate

ii. Upselling existing customers to increase (expansion) MRR

iii. Rapid response to support tickets

The CSR will function in a client-facing role, both reactively (answering support tickets and onboarding clients) and proactively (establishing regular feedback touch-points, targeting customers likely to churn, and uncovering potential upsell opportunities).

The CSR will work closely with the business team. He or she will be the first line of contact with many existing users, and will help relay customer feedback to the sales, product, marketing, and growth teams. This is an integral role which will help guide the product road map, test marketing messages, and ensure alignment between sales and targeted prospects.

The ideal candidate for this position will have 1-2 years of client-facing experience. He or she will be an ambitious, self-starter who is able to function independently in the often chaotic workplace of a startup. The candidate must be personable and charismatic over the phone. Preference will be given to candidates who have spent time in smaller companies.

The role will be a full-time position on a six-month contract to start with. However, if you meet expectations, we will extend the contract to a permanent position.


About Finaeo

Finaeo is building an AI-enabled CRM for insurance advisors. The goal is to enable the 1M+ advisors in North America to compete with a new slew of tech players trying to disrupt them. We do this by building a user-friendly CRM platform that will focus on automation and nudging advisors towards best practices. The longterm goal is to connect the product data layer with the client data layer, helping advisors sell more.

We are a relatively young company, having launched in February of 2016. However, we have over thirty years of experience in all levels of the insurance industry through the management team. This has allowed us to rapidly prove out the concept, and has garnered us immense amounts of attention from venture capital. We are currently well-funded and looking to grow our team.

We also cook delicious lunches on our demo days as a team (well, two of our team members cook, you don’t have to)!


Core Values

– All for one and one for all (team, team, team)

– We build really cool stuff

– Healthy fear of our impending doom by AI overlords

– Doers, not speakers (except for our sales team)

– Take it, own it, love it

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