The Marketing Minute – SEO Teaser


Unhappy digital experiences make unhappy policyholders.

Keeping clients happy is easier said than done, and this is evident in the insurance industry where less than 30% of policyholders are happy with their current plan or insurance company. One of the main reasons consumers are unhappy is that some insurance advisors (& insurers) are failing to provide a digital experience that’s seamless and intuitive. This experience provides users with access to relevant custom educational information & full transparency into their current insurance needs and future insurance needs.

At Finaeo, our mission is to help Insurance Advisors win in an ever-changing Digital World. More than ever, consumers expect seamless engagement from their Advisors that is on-brand and personalized throughout their entire experience. That’s why 67 percent of marketing leaders say creating those connected customer journeys is critical to their success.

Knowing this, Finaeo will be releasing a new series entitled “Marketing Minute” every week. This will be an ongoing series providing Insurance Advisors with expert marketing advice that can be implemented right away. Whether your a brand new insurance advisor starting out learning the basics of digital marketing & lead generation, to a veteran who has built a practice purely through offline marketing tactics and wants to dip their foot into digital client acquisition space, Finaeo’s “Marketing Minute” series will have something for you.


This week we will be releasing a blog & video post on SEO 101.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.

If you have a website and are looking to generate qualified leads you to need to know the very basics of SEO and should perform an SEO audit every quarter to ensure you are keeping up with the changes to Google’s Algorithm.
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Below is an SEO Audit Checklist infographic which we will dive deeper into later on this week.

If you have a question about SEO please feel free to reach out to us on linkedin via DM or Twitter (@finaeoHQ).