The Three Pillars of Coaching

We take coaching seriously. Watch Donald, Finaeo COO, talk about three things we work on, with you.

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Coaching Matters

Finaeo was built for advisors by advisors. At the core of our value proposition is strong coaching and education.

Experienced Coaches

Our coaches have all built enormous books of business. Now they’re here to help you do the same.

A Community of Peers

From regular meet-ups to Slack groups, Finaeo advisors are part of a peer network that helps them with training, advice, and mentorship.

Technology To Help You Grow

Finaeo builds all of the technology for our financial advisors. We believe you need to be properly armed to take on today’s market.

A Suite of Tools

Get free access to a suite of tools: our CRM platform, a custom-built website, and more!

No Desk Fees

Sick of paying desk fees for tools you barely use? Finaeo advisors get their technology for free.

A Better Commission Structure

As an independent financial advisor, you take most of the risk – shouldn’t you also get most of the reward?

Make More Money

Finaeo advisors can earn more than the industry average.

Better Override

We provide best-in-class override bonuses.

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