A New Type of Agency

We are the technology-driven firm
of the future. Advisors earn 50% more with us. You have never seen anything like it.

Independence means Freedom

Ready to be your own boss? Do it the right way — your way!  At Finaeo, financial advisors build their businesses the way they want to. You get:

  • Your personal concierge and product specialist to help you select the right product for the right client at the right time
  • Your business coach, here to help you grow and build your book of business
  • Your brand and marketing guru, here to help you get your name and vision out there

What you want, when you want it. Say goodbye to the old way. Us is the way of the future.

No Desk Fees.  No Admin Fees.  No Tech Fees.

Get better service and technology without the fees. At Finaeo, we believe that the future of financial advisors will be built around technology, from prospect to policy. This includes:

  • A digital financial needs assessment form to send and impress your client
  • A free, easy-to-use, modern platform that ensures you never let another client slip through the cracks
  • A website branded for you to ensure you are web-ready

Maximize your success with us. Our goal is to build an entire workflow from meeting a prospect to signing a policy that minimizes wasted time and money. 

You’re Not A Salesperson, You’re An Entrepreneur

At Finaeo, we know that the best financial advisors are the ones who understand that they’re building a business, not just making sales. Our goal is to train you to think like a business owner, creating memorable client experiences. We do this by:

  • Training that focuses around building your business and understanding the tactics and numbers that matter
  • One-on-one coaching with a business coach who will work with you on long-term strategizing
  • An individualized marketing and branding plan to create the narrative you want in the marketplace.

At the end of the day, we want to transform you from a sales person to a business owner.

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