The world’s smartest companies #RunMarketing with Allocadia

Our Customers #RunToWin

Our customers aren’t threatened by change – rather, they embrace it. They seek out the technologies and partners that will make their teams, themselves and their companies stronger.

They are open to fresh perspectives on old problems. They learn from the past without clinging to familiar ways of thinking. They build for the future while remaining grounded in reality.

Our customers recognize that there’s no such thing as a ‘magic bullet’ technology, and that software is only as strong as the people using it. They’re unafraid of the hard work that can accompany a time of transition, and they rely on us for support.

For them, change is an essential part of winning.

“Since partnering with Allocadia, there has been a huge increase in trust on how marketing is investing and in the value we bring to the business.”

Jackie Yeaney
EVP Marketing & Strategy,
Red Hat

“Allocadia has helped us prove our contribution to the business, which has improved marketing’s credibility with the company.”

Alyssa Weber
Senior Director, Global Marketing Operations
Juniper Networks

Our Customers #RunSmart

Our customers aren’t just great marketing leaders; they’re great business leaders. They see beyond departments, teams and silos — they see the bigger picture in their organizations.

Knowing that a business is like a living organism where everything is connected, they make sure that all of their marketing efforts are aligned to their companies’ wider strategies. Our software helps them stay hyper-aware of the impact that their marketing efforts have on revenue and the bottom line.

Allocadia customers contribute in smart, significant ways to the strategic direction of their companies. They have a seat at the table.

Our Customers #RunTogether

Our customers are keenly interested in becoming better marketers and better leaders, and they recognize that the best way to achieve that is by learning from each other – together.

We do our best to provide opportunities for peer-to-peer customer learning and networking. We’re also grateful to our community of customers for the tremendous amount that we learn from them: virtually every change and enhancement we introduce is crafted specifically to meet customer needs we’ve heard.

Our community of customers drives us, inspires us and challenges us to create the very best solutions we can. Being customer-centric is in our DNA.

After all, we are all someone’s customer.

“Since partnering with Allocadia, there has been a huge increase in trust on how marketing is investing and in the value we bring to the business.”

Helena Lewis
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations
National Instruments
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