Mar 25, 2019

Bionic Advisors Are Deconstructing The Financial Industry, & Finaeo Is on The Frontlines w/ Jason Carvalho

“What is insurance, if not a data company?” These are the words of Jason Carvalho, COO at Finaeo, the world’s first digital MGA. Their company is revolutionizing the insurance and financial industries with fintech, by focusing on the advisor, teaming them with a digital assistant, and creating bionic advisors.

Finaeo doesn’t believe fintech will push advisors out of the industry. Rather, it is built upon the premise that advisors are the best-suited to serve the insured end user. Advisors need a fintech toolbelt that allows them full access to the available products, and schedules their day-to-day.

In this episode, Jason shares the future of fintech, and how it’s deconstructing banks and the financial and insurance industries in an era of legacy systems and 50-page applications.

Listen over at AI for B2B Sales.

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