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Always busy? Finaeo helps streamline your day.

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Accessible everywhere

Finaeo is available both on web and on mobile. Our web version helps you run your book, while our mobile companion helps you run your day.

On the cloud

Your data will never vanish because it is on the cloud.

Home, Office, and Everywhere Else

Finaeo lets you run your business from your home, office, or mobile phone.

Get your time back

Finaeo helps you organize your day, so you can save time and focus it on the important aspects of your business – building strong client relationships.

Voice notes

After a meeting, leaving voice notes lets you keep track of client details without tedious data entry.

Smart notifications

Finaeo notifies you with important information, letting you save time planning and spend time doing instead.

Know your client

Finaeo puts your client at the center of the experience. Save detailed information so you’re always prepared for the next meeting through tags, notes, and timelines.


Tag your clients with a robust tagging system, allowing you to quickly sort clients.

Client timelines

Keep track of you and your client’s history through a timeline that lists your interactions & activities.

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