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Focus on your clients, not your paperwork 


Keeping You Organized, So You’re Always Ready to Impress

Finaeo is here to keep you organized. Organized around your day, your deals, and your clients. The goal? Make sure that details (and clients) don’t slip through the cracks. Whether that’s a promised follow-up task, an important client detail you want to remember, or an upcoming deal renewal, Finaeo keeps you on point.

A Digital Experience Built Around Your Client Relationships

Finaeo puts your client at the center of the experience. Our mobile companion app keeps you updated on the client outside of the office. Activity streams let you see relationship details at a glance. And invite clients to Client360 so they can share documents, book meetings, and stay updated on what you’re doing.

Meet Domo, Your New Digital Assistant (and Best Friend)

Domo was built to automate the awful parts of your job. Want to keep track of details after a meeting? Leave a voice note and Domo turns them into to-do tasks. Need to send an email? Domo offers templates to send with a single click. Domo is your rockstar assistant, keeping you focused on growth!

Domo, Your Digital Assistant

Domo optimizes your time by allowing you to quickly complete tasks. Plus, you can interact with him the way you would with a real-life assistant, through voice or text.

Financial Advisors love Finaeo

  • Testimonial
    At the end of a busy week, I now have clear voice memos and a list of prioritized tasks, rather than a pile of notes that clutter my desk. FINAEO keeps me organized and on track, so I can spend less time in my office and more time with my clients.
    Jen HealyRegional Account Executive, NexgenRx
  • Testimonial
    FINAEO is at least 10x better than any market solution I've seen.
    Richard AdairChief Operating Officer, FutureVault
  • Testimonial
    Keeping track of my clients, scheduling appointments, and following up can easily take my entire day. Worst of all, these tasks sometimes end up de-prioritized and forgotten. FINAEO helps keep me organized, so I can focus on growing my business and increasing my bottom line.
    Andrew ChanFinancial Advisor, Andrew Chan Financial

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